Can Leading Sustainability be fun and inspiring?

YES! . . . and effective too.

Are you exasperated with never-ending, increasing apocalyptic news about humans wrecking our environment? Are you scared about your future and safety? Are you enraged at people suffering around the world?

But are you frustrated not knowing what to do?

The Solution: A Sustainability Leadership Workshop That Works!

I just finished leading my first workshop in leading oneself and others effectively to act more sustainably: enduring systemic change and immediate personal change.

Best of all: it was FUN! . . . both the workshop and the action it led to.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the participants:

Some came with next to zero experience acting sustainably or leading others. Others had experience in sustainability leadership. They came from diverse backgrounds. All loved it.

Because it teaches to lead using the Spodek Method, based in intrinsic motivation. Telling people facts, numbers, and instruction—what nearly everyone does in sustainability—rarely works, nor does CCCSC: convincing, cajoling, coercing, and seeking compliance.

The Spodek Method works.

So does the workshop. It uses project-based learning, meaning it’s interactive, active, and experiential. Most of all: FUN!

Who Am I?

I developed the Spodek Method and use it with hundreds of guests on my podcast, This Sustainable Life, and corporate workshops and with executives from places like Exxon, Google, Boston Consulting Group, Patagonia, and Lululemon.

My sustainability leadership work has been featured in the New Yorker, the LA Times, Washington Post, TIME magazine, Ars Technica, and in the media in Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, the UK, and Vietnam. I’m just getting started. The workshop participants will start appearing in media too. So will you after you take it.

I have a PhD in physics so I know the science, an MBA so I know leadership, and started ventures that operated around the world so I know building and motivating teams. I also decreased my environmental footprint over 90 percent in under three years.

I have coached and taught for two decades. I attached a pdf with reviews from clients and students ranging from gray-haired adults who have sold businesses and CEOs of publicly-traded companies to undergraduates. Some examples:

This is one of the greatest classes I have ever taken. It was engaging, thought provoking, challenging, and fun. Josh is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend to everyone in the class who is passionate about the subject matter. If I could take this class all over again, I would”

“10/10 would take again! I loved every second of this class, but what’s cooler, is that I think I may have loved the homework even more.”

“I cannot even begin to express how much I have enjoyed this course. It is by far the best class I have taken while at NYU. Thank you, Josh, for your time, wisdom, and passion. It made an incredible impact on my life.”

The U.S. Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, who brought me to co-lead leadership workshops at West Point, wrote of my leadership book:

Great leaders aren’t born with a ‘leadership gene’; great leaders develop the necessary skills and gain confidence through practice and hard work. In Leadership Step by Step Joshua Spodek presents a thoughtful approach to becoming a highly effective leader that emphasizes the importance of experiential learning. It will serve as a valuable resource for leaders at all levels in any profession. Indeed, Joshua’s practical exercises will help prospective, as well as experienced leaders, to master their craft and ultimately to succeed in leading and inspiring others in their various pursuits.

You Will Improve Your Life (and the lives of everyone you know)

You will achieve two HUGE benefits.

First, if you’re like everyone I’ve talked to, the never-ending news of environmental doom gives you an unhealthy mix of emotions: helplessness, hopelessness, dread, fear, rage, confusion, insecurity, and more. When we can’t act on them, we try to suppress and deny them, but they don’t go away. They fester and grow. And we know the news will increase unless everyone acts fast and big.

Did you see the participants’ results in the video? The antidote to denial and suppression is ACTION—effective action, that is. They learned it and now they’re replacing all those emotions with determination and enthusiasm.

Second, for those who want careers in sustainability and to lead in helping solve our environmental problems, this workshop will put you at the front of the pack. You can lead a movement.

You can learn to lead workshops yourself, even to lead people to lead workshops, so the movement can grow virally. We will be creating an online community for people like you to teach workshops to help hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world to live joyfully sustainably. We can do it! . . . and we’ll have fun doing it.

Though billions want that leadership, not everyone wants to lead. Most prefer to deny or suppress knowing about the people suffering for our unsustainable lifestyles and, tragically, tell themselves they’re powerless: “What I do doesn’t matter”

Help create the movement billions are waiting for

We will grow these workshops into a movement. Because nobody wants to watch the world burn. Billions of people want to act. They just want leadership—genuine, authentic, effective leadership from people with integrity, character, experience, vision, and a mission—which this workshop teaches, because systemic change begins with personal change.

Early participants will become the leaders of a movement. Unlike movements that may work but are based in in-your-face confrontation, boring lectures, expensive legal action, teaching children who can’t vote or change corporate policy, etc, this workshop is FUN and shows you how to lead anyone and everyone to enjoy living joyfully sustainably.

People You Know Have Used the Spodek Method

You can hear the Spodek Method lead people to enjoy acting on sustainability on the podcast with guests including CEOs, honorees of Nobel, Pulitzer, Olympic gold, and other honors, politicians, and people who are conservative, liberal, Trump supporters, military, old, young, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor, straight, LGBTQ, famous, unknown, and every identity I’ve reached so far.

Click here for a list of podcast guests. You’ll know many of them. Most returned for two or more episodes.

You’ll learn to reach as many people at whatever level of influence you want. We want you to. The world wants you to.

Two Summer 2023 Cohorts

The spring session went so well, we’ll run two this summer. . .

Only Two Summer 2023 Cohorts

. . . but we’re only running two cohorts. We started small with four participants in the spring and can expand, but there aren’t that many seats.

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