A coaching client started her firm and rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange

Who doesn’t like good news on a holiday?
A few months ago a long-term coaching client (and friend), Tina Powell, left her job to act on her dream to start her own company, based on my favorite reason to start a company: an underserved market niche. She is a financial advisor and is starting SheCapital, an automated investment platform for women. Yet more to her credit, she’s starting it without just leaving her old firm. She’s working with them to everyone’s mutual benefit.
Not long after she started her firm, to coverage in the Wall Street Journal and more, she rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange. What surer sign of respect from the finance community can a young company get?
She told me about ringing it a couple months ago. I only saw her outside of coaching last weekend—at Sunday’s run, Tina also teaches at NYU—to ask if she was okay with my posting about it.
I look forward to bringing more news from her.

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