Video: Bringing peace sooner: High-fiving North Koreans in Kim Il Sung Square, part 2

Shortly after last post’s videos, we returned to Kim Il Sung Square and interacted with more North Koreans, overcoming language obstacles in North Korea with friendly body language.
If our would-be leaders don’t create peace, understanding, and communication between us, we have to lead them. The more we interact the more we understand each other. That’s how we show we aren’t the monsters or dupes their government says we are and vice versa.
When was the last time you saw so many North Koreans smiling, shaking hands, high-fiving, and laughing with Americans?
The woman you see returning my camera after the middle segment was our North Korean guide, who held the camera for me.

Images of our arrival at Kim Il Sung Square (repeated from last post):

Reflecting on visiting Kim Il Sung Square on the bus afterward

Here we reflect on what made visiting Kim Il Sung Square and interacting with everyone incredible and odd and how we loved that we could do it.
We also talk about how little smog the place has, especially compared with Beijing, and some cultural points.

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