Broaden and Deepen Your Network Using This Simple Hack

Today on Inc., my fellow columnist, Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likable Media, followed up on my recent article about sending gratitude emails.
He pointed out how the practice works beyond what we expected, since he promotes gratitude exercises too. Read the article to see how the practice led us to meet and immediately and easily connect because of it. In particular, we found ourselves in the middle of a tighter circle of mutual connections of valuable people than either expected.
The article, “Broaden and Deepen Your Network Using This Simple Hack,” begins

Broaden and Deepen Your Network Using This Simple Hack

What you can learn from leadership professor Joshua Spodek

How often do you see a practice you love and teach taken to a whole other level? Or two or even three?

Sometimes practices fit together so well to become so much more than the sum of their parts, you almost can’t believe them. But you have to practice and share them.

I’ll explain and show you how you can broaden and deepen your network, and enjoy yourself while doing it, combining three simple ideas that regular readers of mine already know.

Let’s look at the ideas and at Joshua Spodek–my fellow Inc. columnist who teaches leadership and entrepreneurship at NYU and online through his own Spodek Academy–who showed me what you get when you combine them.

The first is gratitude. Chapter 39 in my most recent book, The Art of People, covers gratitude, and how it literally makes me high I feel so good (here’s an excerpt). I’ve blogged about the value of gratitude and my favorite one-minute trick to improve your mood any time.

Read the rest at Broaden and Deepen Your Network Using This Simple Hack.

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