An educational, learning perspective on Leadership Step by Step from the Better Leadership Better Schools podcast

Daniel Bauer of the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast interviewed me and posted it today. As Daniel helps develop school leaders, mainly K-12, he approached Leadership Step by Step and my work from a more learning and educational perspective than most of the business and personal development approaches of other interviews. It’s a natural perspective since I’m teaching, so I’m glad he did.
The interview touched on a lot of where my material came from, and at least one very vulnerable moment I don’t often share because it was such a difficult time—actually, one particular painful, tearful day that I talk about in the interview.
This episode is called, “Joshua Spodek: Great leaders aren’t superheroes,” after my remark that anything any great leader did, you can learn to do too. They are human too, not superhuman or superheroes.
leadership can be taught

Notes from the podcast page:

Joshua Spodek Show Highlights

  • How Joshua moved from Astrophysics to Leadership Guru
  • The definition of entrepreneurship and how educators can use entrepreneurial skills
  • You can’t help people without understanding who they are
  • Put people’s interests before your own
  • What Joshua learned from writing over 70 gratitude emails
  • Leadership can be taught (in a practical way) and help people be effective
  • How leadership is like playing musical scales
  • Project Based Learning changed his instruction in college
  • Don’t change the people … change the theory
  • Go with what works
  • People are not tools

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  1. Daniel Bauer

    It was an honor to have you on the show Joshua. I’m very grateful to have connected with you and have learned quite a bit in the short time we have known each other. Thank you.

    1. Joshua

      I am honored on my side and enjoyed it as much. You made it comfortable to share. Whether you developed the skill, were born with it, or both, it’s a talent.

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