What will you fix the toilet for?

My Inc. post today, “What will you fix the toilet for?,” begins

What will you fix the toilet for?
“What will you fix the toilet for?” — Joshua Spodek’s Inc. post today

What Will You Fix the Toilet For?

How much do you love your work? This simple question can tell you.

White-collar workers

Consider the banker, consultant, or other multinational corporate worker. He or she demands high compensation, business class travel arrangements, and so on. No one would think of asking them to do manual labor, let alone janitorial tasks.

They’re above all that.

That’s because their jobs are so valuable and meaningful, right?

Think again.

Entrepreneurs and founders

Consider the entrepreneur or founder–someone who feels ownership of the project. He or she will do what it takes to get the job done.

How do you know?

Imagine an important person–a client, a potential hire, an investor, etc–is coming to the office, the toilet stops up, and there’s no time for a plumber to come and fix it.

When you feel that sense of ownership, when something has to be done and no one else will do it, you do it.

When there’s no alternative, you fix the toilet.

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