Forbes, Faherty, a blog award, and other media mentions

The media has covered me and the blog in the past couple weeks.:

  • Forbes
  • The Faherty Journal
  • A top 15 must-read blog award
  • A top 100 blog award
  • A top 10 influencer award


I’m honored that Forbes contributor Mark Nevins mentioned me and a life principle of mine in a piece What Are Your Big Rocks?:

Getting prioritization right means ensuring that you have a small number of clear goals, and that you are ruthless in focusing your time, energy, and other resources on accomplishing those goals—while at the same time not getting distracted by less important things.  As my friend Joshua Spodek likes to say, “You have to say ‘no’ to many good things to have a great life.”

However, it turns out that prioritizing can really hard.  As a senior executive you have a lot on your plate, and a large number of people demand your time, attention, labor, and share of mind. And it seems like some problem or unexpected issue pops up every week.  You try to be a good corporate citizen: you help out when asked (and even when not asked), you seek ways to add value, and you’re always willing to go the extra yard.  You work longer hours, and thanks to the wonders of technology you bring your work more and more into your personal time. The concept of “work-life balance” becomes background noise.

The Faherty Journal profile

Faherty is a clothing lifestyle brand that profiled me in a wonderful piece with beautiful images from when I spoke on sustainability and cooked my famous no packaging vegetable stew for over 50 people at a community-building event for them.

Faherty titled the profile Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Joy, which describes my work well.

We made preparing the food participatory by prompting attendees to work two food preparation stations while I manned the main one. It was a wonderful night—well, until the torrential downpour, but nearly everyone had left by then.

It was at the pastoral and community-centered Brooklyn North Farm.

Weekdone leadership top 15 blog award

This blog was named Top 15 Must Read Team Leadership Blogs by, February 2020

Feedspot leadership to 100 blog award

This blog was named Top 100 Leadership Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020 by Feedspot February 2020

Trackmyhashtag top 10 influencer award

I was named Top 10 Influencers Profiles by TrackMyHashtag, January 2020

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