How Do I Live My Values?

Daniel Bauer uncovered what I’m up to next and what led me to it in his second interview of me for his Better Leaders Better Schools podcast. He released it yesterday.
All the burpees, vegetables, and so on are leading up to a lot more than just personal habits, as the conversation reveals.
The next big step is the podcast launch, featuring some big names—a Pulitzer Prize winner, tens-of-millions-times-viewed TED talker, New York Times bestselling authors, and more—sharing their struggles you don’t normally see. Daniel and I talked about its origins and why such big names are doing it, even pre-launch.

Listen to the conversation

Living Your Values Daily -- Better Leaders Better Schools' Joshua Spodek interview
Living Your Values Daily — Better Leaders Better Schools’ Joshua Spodek interview

Listen to the conversation

Daniel also interviewed me in episode 79: Great Leaders Aren’t Superheroes.
Daniel’s show notes:

Josh Spodek Show Highlights

  • Science is about the beauty of nature
  • Josh’s interest in conservation
  • How deprivation and sacrifice learned to discovery and joy
  • Do you suppress information that doesn’t align with your beliefs?
  • The power of living your values
  • Your life gets better as a result of change
  • Have you influenced 1 today?
  • What is your daily challenge?
  • And have you challenged someone to something today?
  • Doing hard things builds experience that will push you through future challenges

Sacrifice Can Lead To Joy -- Better Leaders Better Schools

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