How I started coaching professionally: a “free coaching” offer on Craigslist

Anyone can do it. It cost me nothing.

Cleaning my backup hard drive, I found a file with the text of how I started coaching professionally: by offering free coaching on Craigslist. Below is the text.

It led to a few clients. One eventually told me he found it valuable enough he insisted on paying me. I insisted on staying with free, as that’s what I offered, but he said he’d get more value for something he paid for. He’s moved past coaching now and we’re still friends.

To clarify, I had informally coached friends, also free, for a while before posting, which I felt justified describing myself as “experienced.”

What dreams are waiting for you that cost nothing to start?

Are you looking

  • To reach your potential?
  • For better professional/personal/family relationships?
  • For greater satisfaction and sense of reward?
  • For better motivation to get things done?
  • For more meaning in life?
  • To achieve more?
  • To understand your life’s purpose?
  • To be happier?

I am an experienced coach and overachiever looking to expand my client base and use new techniques for my upcoming book (that’s why it’s free for now). My clients have experienced great success. The new techniques will help you more. I am looking for new clients who are themselves successful want to succeed more.

I have helped clients improve performance and derive more reward in

  • Career and workplace
  • School
  • Creativity
  • Sports
  • Handling conflict
  • Leadership
  • Being happier

My goal is for you to improve your life and be able to use the tools yourself next time. My technique is to create greater self-awareness for you to understand and listen to yourself better, to be aware of you priorities, and to act on them.

Very simple: I listen and help you understand your situation, what works, and what doesn’t. Then we create optimal solutions and plans to implement.

One of my greatest joys is to help others achieve the success I’ve had in life. I have an Ivy-League MBA and PhD and am a successful entrepreneur. My artwork has been shown in museums and galleries; I’ve competed in sports and the national level; I’ve traveled the world several times over; etc.

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