The best way to improve your teaching (and possibly your leadership): the SLA Summer Teaching Institute, July 17-21, 2017

I know my readership includes many educators, from K-12 through university through executive coaches.
If you want to improve your teaching, no matter what level you teach, the best resource I’ve come across is Science Leadership Academy’s Summer Teaching Institute. I highly recommend spending a week this summer learning SLA-style teaching—no matter what level you teach, from K-12 through university and adult learning.
I’ve attended, taught at, consulted to, and led workshops at half the Ivy League, at elite boarding schools, at inner city public schools, in corporations, and more, and Science Leadership Academy is at least the equal learning environment of any, if not better, in my opinion.
If you think that because SLA is a high school and you teach university or adults, it wouldn’t apply, you’ll miss out on a life- and career-changing opportunity. If you teach leadership, you’ll miss a style of teaching very similar to leading that will help you learn.
I speak with experience of having participated a couple summers ago. The testimonials my students give me speak for themselves. I didn’t get testimonials like them before learning this style of teaching, when I lectured.

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The SLA summer teaching institute’s announcement

If you have questions, feel free to contact me to ask, though contacting the organizers will help you more.
Their testimonials speak for themselves:

“Teaching students is not easy and educators need as many tools in their belts as they can get. SLA has provided us with some of the most powerful tools around.”

“This has been the singular most important piece of development I have ever had the privilege of attending.”

“The instructors were kind, caring, insightful and guided us through the process of taking our ideas and transforming them into something new. This is a course for any educator, new, seasoned, supervisor or administrator!”

Enjoy the experience!

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