More ineffable truth and beauty of regular life

The subtlety and nuance of ordinary life has more than enough to compel it without all the drama that most TV and movies add. Even sitting still for ten minutes is more excitement than most people can handle.
The scene below from Girl With a Pearl Earing puts more intimacy, vulnerability, and sexuality into the slightest movement of a hand. The sensuality of mixing paints, the eye contact, and the gasp help, but just the touch is a lot. I don’t think you need to see the rest of the movie, though it contributes.

More overt movies wish they could evoke the emotion and spark of this scene.
I find the most interesting parts of art and life are in the subtle nuances. You can’t sense them when someone is hitting you over the head with drama, like eating a truffle after eating Doritos or tasting a fine wine after drinking soda.
The leader who senses and can communicate with that kind of subtlety can motivate more effectively. It takes practice and time away from overdramatizations like in the videos earlier in this series. They numb you.
(This post follows yesterday’s, “The ineffable truth and beauty of regular life,” in a series on how mainstream media misrepresent leadership and emotions.)

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