Influence and persuasion class starts Saturday

This Saturday begins my class at General Assembly on influence and persuasion.

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We call the class “Entrepreneurial Sales” because it teaches entrepreneurial skills and uses a model of selling for its structure, but it’s about broader concepts of influence, persuasion, value, and building relationships based on understanding others’ needs.
I used to think sales was part of the business other people did—something low-level that used pressure and made people feel bad, like selling used cars or souvenirs in tourist traps. Boy was I wrong! Sales is also

  • Getting hired (selling your labor)
  • Hiring people (selling your company’s culture)
  • Pitching proposals (selling your ideas)
  • Getting funded (selling shares in your company)
  • Influencing and persuading others (selling your perspective)
  • Getting promoted (selling your skills)
  • Knowing your customers
  • Knowing your product

Want to improve in any of these areas? This class will help.
The skills I teach in this class build long-term relationships based on understanding and filling each other’s needs and interests so that people come to you.

What if I’m not entrepreneurial?

The most common path to the CEO position in large firms is through sales. If you consult, you’re selling. Nothing tells you more about your business than meaningful, two-way relationships with your customers about your products and services. If you know how to create those relationships meaningfully and effectively, you’ll rise within your organization.
Contact me if you have any questions, like if the class is right for you. See you Saturday!

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