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If you read this blog, you know I care about leadership and how to improve yours—in business, personal, family, and every other part of your life. I presume you do too. As much as you’ve learned from the blog, you can learn more from doing.
If you want to improve because you’re moving up the corporate ladder, just finished school, starting your own projects, or any other reason that you have to lead people and teams, developing leadership skills from practice will improve you most effectively.
Anyone can improve their ability to lead, and the most effective improvement comes from experience, not books, lectures, or case studies. Or even my blog.
I created what I believe the most effective course in leadership you can find anywhere—from any university, corporation, book, online, or any other source.

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Over a decade in development, starting with my first leadership courses at Columbia Business School, and incorporating the latest, most effective teaching techniques, this course will teach the most inexperienced beginner and advanced practitioner to become an expert leader.
It gives you personal exercises you practice with people in your life that matter to you, creating for each student a custom, personalized experience to teach you what you need to know and do to develop. The exercises begin simple and basic enough that anyone can do them, no matter how anxious you might feel. Yet, like cardiovascular exercises in athletics, they are valuable for advanced leaders.

Student reviews from my courses

The course will show you why my courses get reviews like:

“This is one of the greatest classes I have ever taken. It was engaging, thought provoking, challenging, and fun. Josh is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend to everyone in the class who is passionate about the subject matter. If I could take this class all over again, I would”


“10/10 would take again! I loved every second of this class, but what’s cooler, is that I think I may have loved the homework even more.”


“This was the first course that challenged me, asking me to think outside my comfort zones. Yet, it is also where I developed a strong network of supporters through group projects.”

“It is the exact material that students of my generation need in order to tackle the unknown beyond graduation and in our everyday.”

“This is the most influential yet relaxing class that I have ever taken in my life. … I really loved, enjoyed it, and constantly amazed by how much I learned more and more over the course of practicing Joshua’s exercises. … This is a mutual experiential seminar for both students and professor to explore the meaning of leaderships. … this is a really great class that I will recommend to my friends.”

“This class embodied the perfect balance between in-class work and real-world exercises. … As a result of what I learned from the course, I have been able to have wonderful interview experiences and network effortlessly. I use to think that majority of leading involved delegating task, but boy was I wrong. I learned that most of what consist of being a leader was connecting with people, being able to tap in their innate abilities, and get the job the in the best way possible.”

“This is one of the best courses I had during my studies.”

“Greatest course I have taken”

“He is the best prof I have ever seen”

“This is the best class I have ever taken.”

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A seminar attendee who already had an Ivy-League MBA, after doing just two of the course’s twenty exercises wrote:

Josh, you may be interested to know I took out an Associate who will be working on my team and used your technique. She teared up, saying no one ever asked her these questions and she is so grateful that I am taking an approach to her work based on what she likes and wants to do. It also revealed some of her deep fears and it was quite profound.

Invaluable, thank you.

I felt terrific afterward—in that she felt great and also that I felt I could get more out of her. She is also a friend, so I was conscious that she now reports to me… but that really was entirely neutralized in this conversation. Great stuff.

The course will lead you to improve relationships with colleagues, peers, people you report to, people who report to you, friends, family members, new acquaintances, longtime acquaintances, and so on, and, most importantly, yourself.
Read this blog for examples of the leadership effects the course teaches, because I live what I teach.

Listen to this interview of someone who went through the course.

About the course

The course consists of twenty experiential, active-learning exercises in four units

  • Understanding yourself
  • Leading yourself
  • Understanding others
  • Leading others

The begin from nothing, each building on the ones before and leading to the next, with no big, anxiety-causing jumps. You can do most exercises in an hour. Ones you like you can devote as much time as you like to learn as much as you like. I still do most of the exercises regularly, years after first doing them.
After each exercise, you reflect and post your reflections on the course’s online forum that connects you with everyone else taking the course. You work on your time at your pace, but have a community to develop with the whole time.
There are no long videos to watch or books to read. No leader became great by listening to more lectures or knowing more facts. Leaders become great through experience. This course gives you the experiences that lead to effective leadership, but in safe contexts and ordered for maximum effectiveness, with a supportive community of like-minded people who benefit from helping you and being helped by you, just like you.
Each exercise also includes before and after interviews with someone who took the course for the first time, just like you will. The course will support your efforts the entire way.
Quoting another student:

“Personally, identifying with Josh’s passion for leadership and seeing the great powers it it has on creating growth/change, I believe very much that my participation in these exercises were infused with honest effort and great enthusiasm. … I have found increased meaning in the work I do, and have found myself more motivated to arrive and thrive within those spaces. … I am beyond grateful. Thank you.”

A limited time discount

I’m introducing the course at an introductory price that will rise soon. Plus, I’m actively participating in online discussions to help people who want it. I won’t be able to keep that up when too many people take the course, so people who register now will get personal attention from the course creator—the one person who has led hundreds of people through these exercises and has done them himself many times.
Since my time is limited, this attention will only be available at a high premium for later students.

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Quoting another student:

“I’ve realized that even as an intern, I was able to lead my own colleagues and supervisors into helping me land my first out of college job by getting them to offer me a position at the company. Without this course and the techniques/exercises you taught us, I don’t think I would have been able to seize every leadership opportunity and successfully interact with my bosses and colleagues to the point where they actually offered me a job. I really want to thank you for all the knowledge I’ve gained from this course, it turned out to be one of the most useful and meaningful classes I’ve taken … and challenged me to reconsider and re-define my understanding of true leadership.”

A personal note

In over five years of 2,098 posts, you have seen me promote almost nothing, let alone of my material—mainly my book and a few seminars.
I would only promote something I believed in one hundred percent.
I consider this course the best way for anyone to learn to lead themselves and others. I believe no teaching style works more effectively, nor has any teacher compiled a more effective progression of exercises. And I have spent over a decade researching, practicing, coaching, leading seminars, and teaching—at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, INSEAD, the U.S. Army, and so on. To private clients from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and so on. To CEOs, CFOs, founders, grey-haired sexagenarians, college students, and everyone in between.
Quoting another student:

“this class was clearly structured and well thought out. It would be impossible for one not to recognize the amount of time, passion, and dedication Professor Spodek invested in this course … it had a profound impact on me personally.”

I stand behind the course with a money-back guarantee, which no Ivy-League university will offer, though this course will teach you more effectively than anything they offer, at least that I know of.

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Take this course. You’ll be glad you did.

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