Kings of sidchas

I knew my daily streaks of writing in my blog and doing burpees of nearly ten years were just starts. I like to find role models.

I discovered sidcha streaks that dwarf mine, in fact that started before I was born. Two organizations—Streak Runners International and United States Running Streak Association—track people who have run at least a mile per day. Their slogan: “Through weather, injury, illness, and life events, we run everyday.”

I put their list below of runners with streaks longer than my longest sidcha—writing in this blog. The longest active running streak belongs to Jon Sutherland, at over 51 years, closing in on the known record of Ron Hill, 78, a three-time Olympian for Great Britain, who ended his running streak on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Inspiring articles and videos

Before the list, here are a few articles and videos on a few of the top streakers. The articles will inspire you. I love reading discoveries I’ve found too—the value of doing the sidcha on the hardest days, learning about yourself, how good it feels, handling serious injuries, handling weather, outperforming others who don’t give as much, and so on.

Jon Sutherland

Ron Hill

EDIT: The New York Times reported that Ron Hill died. It mentioned he often ran barefoot, which I started doing last year.

Here’s their list, or their top 244 streakers.


RankNameStreak Start (Y- M- D)City, StateAgeOccupationStreak Days (Streak Years)
1Jon Sutherland1969-05-26West Hills, CA69Writer18,651 days (51.06 years)
2James G Pearson1970-02-16Marysville, WA76College Track Coach18,385 days (50.34 years)
3Steve DeBoer1971-06-07Rochester, MN65Dietitian17,909 days (49.03 years)
4Alex T. Galbraith1971-12-22Houston, TX69Attorney17,711 days (48.49 years)
5Richard Westbrook1973-12-29Jonesboro, GA73TeacherCoach16,973 days (46.47 years)
6Robert R. Kraft1975-01-01Miami Beach, FL69Songwriter16,605 days (45.46 years)
7James Behr1975-03-19Trinity, FL72Educator16,528 days (45.25 years)
8Bill Anderson1976-09-27Fort Worth, TX75Retired15,970 days (43.72 years)
9John Liepa1977-01-02West Des Moines, IA75Professor-retired15,873 days (43.46 years)
10Bill Robertson1977-02-08Ashland, MA67Systems Analyst15,836 days (43.36 years)
11William J. Benton1977-04-23Farmington Hills, MI70Accountant15,762 days (43.15 years)
12Brian Casey1977-05-09Paramus, NJ61Finance Manager15,746 days (43.11 years)
13Rick Porter1977-12-03Decatur, GA67Developer15,538 days (42.54 years)
14John T. Carlson1977-12-26Indianapolis, IN66Classroom Teacher…retired15,515 days (42.48 years)
15Timothy C. Masters1977-12-28Dearborn, MI70Sales15,513 days (42.47 years)
16Timothy P. Woodbridge1978-03-05Allentown, PA62Banker15,446 days (42.29 years)
17Bruce A. Sherman, Ph.D.1978-05-16Shaker Heights, OH65Fitness Entrepreneur15,374 days (42.09 years)
18Charles E. Lindsey1978-10-16Canyon Country, CA69Retired Educator15,221 days (41.67 years)
19John C. Roemer, IV1978-11-01Parkton, MD60Consultant15,205 days (41.63 years)
20Scott Ludwig1978-11-30Senoia, GA65Retired15,176 days (41.55 years)
21Jon Kralovic1979-01-01Delanson, NY73Retired Football Coach15,144 days (41.46 years)
22Benjamin M. Freed1979-12-12Clarion, PA73Retired College Teacher14,799 days (40.52 years)
23S. Mark Courtney1979-12-20Grove City, PA64Physician Assistant14,791 days (40.50 years)
24Layne C. Party1980-01-01Towson, MD60Manager14,779 days (40.46 years)
25Lois Bastien1980-04-18Pinellas Park, FL83Retired14,671 days (40.17 years)
26Leslie J. Shoop1980-04-28Sarver, PA72Retired14,661 days (40.14 years)
27Ward D. Crutcher1980-12-26Muncie, IN80Retired14,419 days (39.48 years)
28George G. Brown1981-01-06Richlands, VA68School Principal14,408 days (39.45 years)
29John R. Chandler1981-08-09Whitefish Bay, WI65Financial Planner14,193 days (38.86 years)
30Ben Dillow1981-08-20Redlands, CA80Retired14,182 days (38.83 years)
31Bill Leibfritz1981-12-03Midland, MI63Professor14,077 days (38.54 years)
32Frederick L. Murolo1981-12-30Cheshire, CT63Attorney14,050 days (38.47 years)
33Scott D. Snyder1981-12-31Littleton, CO65Emergency Physician14,049 days (38.46 years)
34Michael G. Sklar1982-01-20Dunwoody, GA77Professor14,029 days (38.41 years)
35John L. Tillman1982-03-05Palm Coast, FL71Business Owner13,985 days (38.29 years)
36Charles Groseth1982-06-30Allen, TX61Chief Operating Officer13,868 days (37.97 years)
37Grant McAllister1982-08-28Atlanta, GA56Sales Manager13,809 days (37.81 years)
38Gary Rust1983-07-03Desert Hot Springs, CA73Investigator13,500 days (36.96 years)
39David Melissas1983-07-20Marietta, GA60IT Project Manager13,483 days (36.91 years)
40Allen A Colonna1983-08-05Babylon, NY76Retired13,467 days (36.87 years)
41Barbara S. Latta1983-12-05Raleigh, NC78Retired13,345 days (36.54 years)
42Sue S. Favor1984-12-20Los Angeles, CA53Teacher/Coach12,964 days (35.49 years)
43Leonard Bruckman1985-02-10Granite Bay, CA73Consultant12,912 days (35.35 years)
44Randy James Rogers1985-08-13Tomball, TX59Athletic Director12,728 days (34.85 years)
45Milton Magness1985-09-22Houston, TX67Psychotherapist12,688 days (34.74 years)
46Matthew M. Mace1985-09-29Arnold, MD59Attorney12,681 days (34.72 years)
47Kenneth D. Brown1985-11-10Huntington, WV71Farmer/Coach12,639 days (34.60 years)
48Judy Mick1985-11-20Roanoke, VA62Business Owner12,629 days (34.58 years)
49Ralph McKinney1986-01-01Wilmington, DE75Consultant12,587 days (34.46 years)
50Roger A. Urbancsik1986-02-01Marina Del Rey, CA63Consultant12,556 days (34.38 years)
51Ronald N. Dennis1986-06-29Marshall, TX75Attorney12,408 days (33.97 years)
52Bill Shires1986-10-19Charlotte, NC55Software Architect12,296 days (33.66 years)
53Stuart X. Calderwood1987-01-21New York, NY62Writer 12,202 days (33.41 years)
54Timothy Bailey1987-05-17Owingsville, KY62XC & Track Coach12,086 days (33.09 years)
55Robert E Nash1987-06-18Olney, IL73Physician12,054 days (33.00 years)
56Jay Harold Posick1987-08-30Hartland, WI56Principal11,981 days (32.80 years)
57Michael L. Holsteen1988-01-31Ridgedale, MO71Retired11,827 days (32.38 years)
58Tom Allen1988-05-21Upper Montclair, NJ67Consultant11,716 days (32.08 years)
59George M. Church1988-07-30Cockeysville, MD73Attorney11,646 days (31.89 years)
60Kip L. Williamson1989-01-01Saugus, MA62Engineering Manager11,491 days (31.46 years)
61Christopher M. Graham1989-04-16Wilton, CT55Lawyer11,386 days (31.17 years)
62John H. Wallace, Jr.1989-12-31Ishpeming, MI69Photographer11,127 days (30.46 years)
62John H. Wallace, III1989-12-31East Lansing, MI44E-commerce Specialist11,127 days (30.46 years)
62Mark Washburne1989-12-31Mendham, NJ64Professor11,127 days (30.46 years)
65John Wolff1990-09-01Bonita Springs, FL69Banker10,883 days (29.80 years)
66Jerry Caine1990-10-02Santa Rosa, CA70HS History Teacher10,852 days (29.71 years)
67Daniel Pereira1990-11-05Portland, OR62Self-Employed10,818 days (29.62 years)
68John L. Faz1990-12-26Lincoln, NE67Marine GySgt ( R )10,767 days (29.48 years)
69Jeff L. Morgan1990-12-30Reston, VA64IT Trainer10,763 days (29.47 years)
70Ronald J. Landrum1991-01-01San Jose, CA70Zoologist10,761 days (29.46 years)
71Jamie Parks1992-01-29Tinley Park, IL58Mailman10,368 days (28.39 years)
72K. Tucker Andersen1992-02-06Warren, CT78Consultant10,360 days (28.36 years)
73Gabrielle Cohen1992-11-10Petrolia, CA57Administrative Director10,082 days (27.60 years)
74Brent Burmaster1993-03-13Dallas, TX63Homeless Shelter Director9,959 days (27.27 years)
75Jeffrey Sider1994-01-01Woodbury, NY64Orthopedic Surgeon9,665 days (26.46 years)
76Henry Lengkeek1994-06-05Rock valley, IA64Minister9,510 days (26.04 years)
77Gary N Becker1994-07-01Broomall, PA65Direct Marketing Acct Director9,484 days (25.97 years)
78Ivan Fink1994-07-11Arcola, IL70Accountant9,474 days (25.94 years)
79Joel Pearson1994-09-03Milwaukee, WI34College Track Coach9,420 days (25.79 years)
80John J. Byrne1994-12-26Centreville, VA64Vice Chairman9,306 days (25.48 years)
81Paul H Anderson1995-04-01Interlochen, MI61HS Track & Field Coach9,210 days (25.22 years)
82Richard J. Kerr1995-07-30Kokomo, IN65Dump TruckHealth Food Storeand retired from G.M.9,090 days (24.89 years)
83Charles Robb1995-12-31Lees Summit, MO64Chief Financial Officer8,936 days (24.47 years)
84A. F. DeYoung1996-11-08Woodland Hills, CA73Photographer8,623 days (23.61 years)
85Karen Queally1997-01-01San Bruno, CA68Physical Therapist8,569 days (23.46 years)
86Tom Barry1997-04-30Decatur, GA70Retired Journalist8,450 days (23.13 years)
87Troy A. Coppus1997-05-19Newburgh, IN38College Professor8,431 days (23.08 years)
88Debbie Brassfield1997-09-10San Jose, CA60Flight Attendant8,317 days (22.77 years)
89Grant Woodman1997-10-06Ithaca, MI46Guidance Counselor8,291 days (22.70 years)
90Ryan C. McDevitt1997-11-18Durham, NC40Professor8,248 days (22.58 years)
91Thomas B. Welch1998-01-01Victoria, MN63Retired – Investment Manager8,204 days (22.46 years)
92Bo Marchionte1998-01-04Niles, OH488,201 days (22.45 years)
93Rick Wallis1998-12-12Port Orange, FL62Courier7,859 days (21.52 years)
94Lauren Siegel1999-10-15Elkins Park, PA60Lover of life7,552 days (20.68 years)
95Phillip Hawley, Jr.1999-10-23Zionsville, IN35Financial Manager7,544 days (20.65 years)
96Steve Scales1999-11-06Lake Leelanau, MI60Sales Executive7,530 days (20.62 years)
97Peter Briggeman1999-11-22Manchester, CT62Mechanic7,514 days (20.57 years)
98Barry W. Britton1999-11-27Roscoe, IL69Hospital Chaplain7,509 days (20.56 years)
99Andy Lieberman2000-01-01Santa Rosa, CA57Education7,474 days (20.46 years)
100Diane Shumway2000-05-27Provo, UT65Retired7,327 days (20.06 years)
101Lee Berg2000-06-02Torrance, CA60Business Development7,321 days (20.04 years)
102Ronald W. Shealy2001-04-01Lexington, SC74Retired7,018 days (19.21 years)
103Kevin Rison2001-09-14Windermere, FL49Department of Homeland Security6,852 days (18.76 years)
104Daniel A. Morgan2001-10-10Westfield, NJ57Sales & Marketing6,826 days (18.69 years)
105Jim Merritt2001-10-29Buford, GA72Retired6,807 days (18.64 years)
106Joseph R. Morris2001-12-28Glade Spring, VA73Optometrist6,747 days (18.47 years)
107Ralph Edwards2002-04-07Des Moines, IA7 2Assistant Principal6,647 days (18.20 years)
108Drew Rogers2002-04-08Gainesville, GA60Teacher6,646 days (18.20 years)
109Karl Olson2002-04-12San Francisco, CA67Lawyer6,642 days (18.18 years)
110Scott Fletcher2002-09-05Clark, NJ37Property Manager6,496 days (17.79 years)
111Eliza Eshelman Miron2002-09-21Columbia City, IN34Yoga Teacher6,480 days (17.74 years)
112Tom Yakowenko2003-01-01Metuchen, NJ51Teacher6,378 days (17.46 years)
112Chuck Myers2003-01-01Indianapolis, IN44Accountant6,378 days (17.46 years)
114Vincent Attanucci2003-01-08The Woodlands, TX66Engineer6,371 days (17.44 years)
115Dan (“Digger”) C Carlson2003-02-03White Bear Lake, MN58Technologist6,345 days (17.37 years)
116Woody Woodburn2003-07-07Ventura, CA60Writer6,191 days (16.95 years)
117Matthew Schauf2003-07-26Menomonie, WI41CC/TF Coach6,172 days (16.90 years)
118Cori Brindle2003-08-02Mechanicsburg,, PA38Social Worker6,165 days (16.88 years)
119Carmen Baxter2003-08-11Fairfield, CA39Physician6,156 days (16.85 years)
120David Max2003-08-28Wichita Falls, TX44Pilot6,139 days (16.81 years)
121Matthew Carpenter2003-11-19Morenci, MI43Teacher6,056 days (16.58 years)
122Ted Neff2003-12-15Edmonds, WA63Innovation Consultant6,030 days (16.51 years)
123Michael W. Bergquist2003-12-31Medical Lake, WA47Triathlete6,014 days (16.47 years)
124Ben Mangrum2004-04-23Tacoma, WA41High School Science Teacher5,900 days (16.15 years)
125Kenny Booth2004-05-03Kirkland, WA43Land Planner5,890 days (16.13 years)
126Neil Scott2004-06-02Seattle, WA74Sports Reporter5,860 days (16.04 years)
127Mark Bonney2004-06-12The Woodlands, TX49Finance5,850 days (16.02 years)
128Veronica V. Rust2004-07-22Desert Hot Springs, CA40General Manager5,810 days (15.91 years)
129Robbie McLendon2004-08-29Bishopville, SC65YMCA5,772 days (15.80 years)
130Christine Fenske2004-09-21Cottonwood, MN45Teacher5,749 days (15.74 years)
131Nancy L. Harmon2005-01-01Berwick, PA61Fitness Director5,647 days (15.46 years)
132Daniel P O’Keefe2005-02-17Newton, NJ55School Principal5,600 days (15.33 years)
133Francis Garrow2005-04-24Proctor, VT65Federal Railroad Inspector5,534 days (15.15 years)
134Craig Oslin2005-05-23Mora, MN66Business Owner5,505 days (15.07 years)
135Timothy J. Eshelman2005-07-24Roanoke, IN60Sales5,443 days (14.90 years)
136Peter T. Eshelman2005-07-27Columbia City, IN66Insurance5,440 days (14.89 years)
137Lawrence Dooley2005-08-25Grapevine, TX69Health Care Sales5,411 days (14.81 years)
138D. Scott Cyphers2005-08-29San Diego, CA59Software Engineer5,407 days (14.80 years)
139Mark Misch2005-09-26Colorado Springs, CO47XC & T&F Coach5,379 days (14.73 years)
140Brad Hunt2006-01-01Princeton, NJ45College Athletics5,282 days (14.46 years)
140Todd Kelleher2006-01-01Hilliard, OH53Environmental Scientist5,282 days (14.46 years)
142Tony Kelly2006-03-17Lake Oswego, OR53Real Estate5,207 days (14.26 years)
143Douglas Keyser2006-05-27Cedar Park, TX54Coach5,136 days (14.06 years)
144Kara Greer2006-06-25Nashville, TN54Engineer5,107 days (13.98 years)
145Scott J. Palm2006-09-09Darmsheim, NY56Army Civilian5,031 days (13.77 years)
146Molly Josephson2006-09-11Moorestown, NJ315,029 days (13.77 years)
147John D Renz2006-11-05Crown Point, IN69Retired – USAF4,974 days (13.62 years)
148Jay A Harris2006-11-13Romeo, MI59Construction4,966 days (13.60 years)
149Eric Armel2006-12-10Greensboro, PA49Deputy Warden4,939 days (13.52 years)
150Patrick Dunigan2006-12-12Ponte Vedra Beach, FL524,937 days (13.52 years)
151Dave Nelson2006-12-15Houston, TX55Waste Industry4,934 days (13.51 years)
152Tyler Renner2006-12-29Cheyenne, WY30Attorney4,920 days (13.47 years)
153Bruce Lorenz2006-12-31Hackettstown, NJ55Photographer4,918 days (13.46 years)
154Heidi Manfred2007-01-01Altoona, PA39Pediatric Mobile Therapist4,917 days (13.46 years)
155Bill Street2007-02-10Tucson, AZ52Computer Consultant4,877 days (13.35 years)
156Paul Wichmann2007-03-05Minneapolis, MN39Sound Engineer4,854 days (13.29 years)
157Grant Nelson2007-03-17Denver, CO37CPA4,842 days (13.26 years)
158David Kissel2007-03-18Lake Bluff, IL57Marketing4,841 days (13.25 years)
159Denise Eberhardt2007-05-04Yorkville, IL53Marketing Research4,794 days (13.13 years)
160Nancy S. West2007-08-15Carlisle, MA53Journalist4,691 days (12.84 years)
161Kevin Brunson2007-10-06Reno, NV61Insurance Agent4,639 days (12.70 years)
162 Dave Dial2007-11-01Trinity County, TX59Cattle Ranch Foreman4,613 days (12.63 years)
163Ellen S. Runnoe2007-11-03Wausau, WI66Teacher4,611 days (12.62 years)
164Nicolas Caperna2007-11-09Lutherville, MD40Business Owner4,605 days (12.61 years)
165Jeff Rushall2007-11-19Flagstaff, AZ59mathematician4,595 days (12.58 years)
166Diana Nelson2007-11-23Dixon, IL73Clerk4,591 days (12.57 years)
167Timothy L. Hardy2007-12-13Marietta, NY59Soldier4,571 days (12.51 years)
168David Edward Emmert2007-12-15Amherst, VA30Teacher4,569 days (12.51 years)
169Brian P. Jones2007-12-18Baton Rouge, LA52Medical Doctor4,566 days (12.50 years)
170Matt Gionta2007-12-23Prospect Park, PA38Athletic Director4,561 days (12.49 years)
171Jill P. Jones2007-12-24Baton Rouge, LA47Occupational Therapist4,560 days (12.48 years)
172Somer Joy Treat2007-12-25West Glacier, MT41Builderdesigner4,559 days (12.48 years)
173Ronald Kmiec2007-12-28Carlisle, MA77Concert Pianist4,556 days (12.47 years)
173Kevin Slagle2007-12-28Erie, PA39Mail Carrier Server4,556 days (12.47 years)
175Jeff Donahue2007-12-31Melrose, MA48Accountant4,553 days (12.47 years)
176John Devereaux2008-01-01Hudson, MA53Infrastructure Engineer4,552 days (12.46 years)
176Scott Hendren2008-01-01St. Joseph, IL54Healthcare4,552 days (12.46 years)
176Thomas L Baer2008-01-01Montz, LA56Security Management4,552 days (12.46 years)
179Susan Schultz2008-01-03Timonium, MD55Project Manager4,550 days (12.46 years)
180Joe Call2008-01-07Charleston, SC41H.S. Football Coach4,546 days (12.45 years)
181Katie Carter2008-01-15Geneva, OH46Mom/Coach/Teacher4,538 days (12.42 years)
182John J King2008-01-21Naples, FL69Consultant4,532 days (12.41 years)
183Zach Steele2008-03-16Des Moines, IA35Non-profit4,477 days (12.26 years)
184Davey Cagle2008-04-27Scottsdale, AZ30Data Analyst4,435 days (12.14 years)
185Michael Ernst2008-06-22Laramie, WY56Support Staff-Probation4,379 days (11.99 years)
186Thomas Frank Sisulak2008-06-23Riverside, IL72Teacher Coach4,378 days (11.99 years)
187Daniel H Westfahl2008-06-26Menomonee Falls, WI49Educational Administration4,375 days (11.98 years)
188Qraig R. deGroot2008-07-01Union City, NJ49Fashion Librarian4,370 days (11.96 years)
189Dave Rabe2008-07-02Chesterfield, MO60Treasurer4,369 days (11.96 years)
190Richard Grady2008-08-20Battle Creek, MI47Homemaker4,320 days (11.83 years)
191Angie Malcore2008-08-24Neenah, WI48Registered Nurse4,316 days (11.82 years)
192Nicholas A. Martinez2008-08-26Claremont, CA53Police Officer4,314 days (11.81 years)
193Kevin H. Rapp2008-09-06Washington, DC37Government Relations4,303 days (11.78 years)
194Chris Frey2008-09-20Green Bay, WI31Artist4,289 days (11.74 years)
195Bruce D. Shephard2008-09-21Tampa, FL76Physician4,288 days (11.74 years)
196Mary Ellen Davis2008-11-16Williamsburg, VA64Librarian4,232 days (11.59 years)
197Perry Romanowski2008-11-18Chicago, IL51Chemist4,230 days (11.58 years)
198Susan C. Mindock2008-11-27Playa del Rey, CA61Aerospace Engineer4,221 days (11.56 years)
199Michael J. Murphy2008-12-02Wyalusing, PA46Teacher4,216 days (11.54 years)
200Elliot J. Friedman2008-12-05Englewood, NJ38Banker4,213 days (11.53 years)
201Carla Fishel Herbig2008-12-22Fredericksburg, TX59Registered Nurse4,196 days (11.49 years)
202Keith Osborne2008-12-23Scottsdale, AZ66Physician4,195 days (11.49 years)
203Chad A Hutchison2008-12-24Lawton, OK48TeacherCoach4,194 days (11.48 years)
204Susan L Crabtree2008-12-25Lynchburg, VA60Key Account Digital Support Specialist4,193 days (11.48 years)
205Benjamin Emmons2008-12-26Springfield, VA43Pastor4,192 days (11.48 years)
206Jay Getty2008-12-27Oviedo, FL52Athletic Director4,191 days (11.47 years)
206Eric V Love2008-12-27Erie, CO53Attorney4,191 days (11.47 years)
208Michael L. Johnston2008-12-29Portland, OR68Retired4,189 days (11.47 years)
209MaryAnn F. Hill-Pitts2009-01-01Pawling, NY62Dental Assistant4,186 days (11.46 years)
209John Anderson2009-01-01Palo Alto, CA74Car Dealer4,186 days (11.46 years)
209Matthew Fisher2009-01-01Austin, TX41Software Engineer4,186 days (11.46 years)
209Paula Harkin2009-01-01Portland, OR55Race Organizer4,186 days (11.46 years)
209Erin E. Stevens2009-01-01Suamico, WI41Physician4,186 days (11.46 years)
214David Ball2009-01-05Wilmington, NC49Architect4,182 days (11.45 years)
215Nicholas P Reyes2009-01-18Wernersville, PA36Athletic Trainer4,169 days (11.41 years)
216Shelley R Cook 2009-01-21Gurnee, IL45Accountant4,166 days (11.41 years)
217Vince Nardy2009-01-27Solon, OH61Management4,160 days (11.39 years)
218David Haase2009-02-08Murdock, MN40Farmer4,148 days (11.36 years)
219William Moreland2009-02-13Ocean City, NJ73Retired Teacher4,143 days (11.34 years)
220Larry Zalewski2009-02-25Pittsburgh, PA54Paralegal4,131 days (11.31 years)
221Mitch Kronenfeld2009-04-12Queens Village, NY69Sales Manager4,085 days (11.18 years)
222Rodger Kram2009-04-23Nederland, CO59Professor4,074 days (11.15 years)
223Carl Anthony Depolo2009-05-13Soulsbyville, CA74Retired photographer4,054 days (11.10 years)
224Thomas R. Watkins, Jr.2009-05-27Virginia Beach, VA68Real Estate BrokerAtty4,040 days (11.06 years)
225Karen J. Wallace2009-06-16Ishpeming, MI65World Adventurer4,020 days (11.01 years)
226Christopher Read, II2009-06-21Las Vegas, NV24Student4,015 days (10.99 years)
227Braxton Fonville2009-06-30Williamsburg, VA33Investment Management4,006 days (10.97 years)
228Carroll L. Wright2009-07-05Claremore, OK51Office Administrator4,001 days (10.95 years)
229Thomas O’Connell2009-07-20Philadelphia, PA39Teacher3,986 days (10.91 years)
230Skylar Glandon2009-08-20Kearney, NE30Retailer3,955 days (10.83 years)
231Bradley Blaszynski2009-08-30Annville, PA21Student3,945 days (10.80 years)
232Theresa Mazzaro-Flora2009-09-09Mt. Kisco, NY58Registered Nurse3,935 days (10.77 years)
233Ken Johnson2009-10-19Huntsville, TX79U. S. Army Retired3,895 days (10.66 years)
234Jason Jacobson2009-10-20Salem, OR463,894 days (10.66 years)
235Jayson Meyer2009-10-22Indianapolis, IN37Graphic Designer3,892 days (10.66 years)
236Mark Jasper2009-10-24Menominee, MI42Real Estate Investor3,890 days (10.65 years)
237Barry S. Sackett2009-11-04Okoboji, IA51Attorney3,879 days (10.62 years)
237Paul Case2009-11-04Richfield, MN62Truck Driver3,879 days (10.62 years)
237Terrence J Toolen2009-11-04Arlington, TX51Operations Manager3,879 days (10.62 years)
240Todd Fonck2009-11-21Minooka, IL36Insurance3,862 days (10.57 years)
241David J Pharr2009-12-01Chattanooga, TN36Minister3,852 days (10.55 years)
241Amie Kreppel2009-12-01Gainesville, FL51Professor3,852 days (10.55 years)
243Jeffrey Shumway2009-12-26Provo, UT67Professor3,827 days (10.48 years)
244Jamie Hopkins2009-12-31Bryn Mawr, PA35Professor3,822 days (10.46 years)

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