What do you think of “leaders” whose people suffered

It’s hard not to think little or disparagingly of “leaders” who ruled and gained position not through merit but by accident of birth or through having little confidence (I read Russia installed Kim Il Sung over others more competent).
Through no malevolence, you wish they could have known or even experienced some of the suffering they contributed to, even if they didn’t intentionally create it, let alone if they intentionally create it.
It makes you wonder what they thought of what they did. Did they realize the effects of their actions? Did the system shield them from learning? Were they crazy? Did they like what happened?
Is it possible they could have done nothing else? Could I misunderstand?
These are my thoughts when I find myself wishing harm to others, even if they deserve it. I wasn’t there so I don’t know, not that I like to judge anyway.

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