Seeing Leadership Step by Step at a party on the host’s bookshelf!

Over the weekend, I found myself in my first social occasion where my book was on the shelf! It could have been a scene in a Woody Allen movie—an NYU/Columbia professor with his just-released book with intelligentsia enjoying cocktails.
That made two copies there, since I bring a copy everywhere too. You never know when it might come in handy.
I couldn’t help making it a topic of conversation. Another author was there too whose book was also on the shelf and had been out longer and had sold far more. The guests seemed to enjoy being there with us. One took pictures of me with my book, which she sent to me, included in the pictures below.
Here are some pictures, including the book on the shelf, plus me holding it, plus another guest taking a picture of it.

More pictures (the vertical ones, which are easier to group separately):

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