Leadership Step by Step spotted in the wild!

Seen at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square!

Some are in the business section, aside Richard Branson, some are downstairs, on the first floor, center.
If you’re looking for a copy of Leadership Step by Step, and you should get one if you don’t, I recommend buying these copies. I signed them.

I have to say, most of the stages I’ve passed—signing an agent, signing a publisher, finishing drafts, getting blurbs from prominent people, going on sale online—were meaningful, but seeing it on the shelf at a bookstore, and on a table, surprised me most with the intensity of feeling at seeing them.
In other news, the Amazon reviews are up to 35, all 5-star but one 4-star. Still averages 5.0.

Leadership Step by Step 35 reviews. 5.0 stars
Amazon reviews: 35 so far, average: 5.0 stars

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  1. Ariel Margolis

    Great work, Josh! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

    1. Joshua

      Happy to be of service. Now it’s up to people to buy the book and do the exercises.

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