Do you think leadership is an all-the-time thing? Are you now a great leader?

If, applying Vince Lombardi’s quote yesterday to leadership, you believe leadership is an all-the-time thing, and you want to be a great leader, or even just an effective one,

are you a great leader now?

Are you living a great life now?

If you think you will be a great leader ever and you believe it’s an all-the-time thing, don’t you then think you are a great leader now, as surely as any other great leader was at every point in their careers?
If you believe you will become as great a leader as any historical leader and you don’t already consider yourself great, why not declare now once-and-for-all, to yourself at least, that you are a great leader and live accordingly?
If you don’t believe you are now as great a leader as anyone else, you think you are something less. You know who they were and you know who you are. What’s holding you back from making up the difference?

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