Learn inquiry-driven project-based learning from experienced experts this July!

If you’ve talked to me about teaching in the past year, you know how much the students at Science Leadership Academy have inspired me to teach in the style of that school—that is, what they call inquiry-driven project-based learning. The first student I interacted with when she showed me around the school showed as much leadership skills as many people with MBAs I’ve met.
I’ve participated and led talks at the school’s EduCon annual January conferences.
This summer, the week of July 20th, I’m attending their one-week Summer Teaching Institute in Philadelphia. If you’re teach or lead, I predict this event will help you. It’s mostly geared toward teaching K-12 teachers, but I’m going as a university professor because I’ve learned so much from that community so consistently, including a news story written about my participation.
Check the program out, especially if you’re an educator.

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