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I was honored to be a guest of John Ramstead—Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Leadership Coach, international Podcast Host and Author of Top 100 Leadership Blog for Executives, Managers and CEOs–in his Eternal Leadership podcast, which he posted today.

Here’s the link to the podcast.

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Eternal Leadership
Here’s John:
John Ramstead
A few words about this extraordinary man:

What sets John Ramstead apart from other coaches?

  • His extraordinary military record as a Navy fighter pilot and naval aviation instructor
  • His experience on the executive team of three successful start-ups as well as the management team for a Fortune 100 company
  • His management of sales and operations responsible for over $100 million of revenue per year
  • His creation of two non-profits devoted to the causes important to him: Colorado Rough Riders and the Faith and Freedom Coalition

And he has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges with a winning spirit, surviving a near fatal riding accident in Montana.

Through all these tests, John’s faith in his Creator and his devotion to his family, his marriage and his friends have never wavered. This, in turn, has given him a degree of humility and perspective not often encountered on the battlefield of corporate ego and competition.

Read more about him here (prepare to be humbled), and I recommend listening to more of his interviews.

Preview of the interview

From the write up of the interview:

Experiential Leadership: A New Paradigm

Do you know someone who’s always had everything work for him without any struggle? Someone who always succeeds and never experienced failure in life? Would you believe me when I say that that person doesn’t exist? So then, I want to ask you, How do you turn your greatest failures into your most gratifying success?

“I didn’t think of the business world as being the place where I’d learn about these things…” Joshua Spodek

Our guest for today is an adjunct professor at NYU, a columnist for Inc., leadership coach for Columbia Business School, founder of the Spodek Academy, and author of Leadership Step by Step. Joshua holds five Ivy League degrees and studied under a Nobel Prize winner. Like many successful and famous people, Joshua has had his share of ups and downs in his business career but owes it to these experiences to what he is now doing.

“When things were going well, everyone is on the same team. And when things weren’t going well…suddenly all these people I thought were supporting me were not supporting me.” Joshua Spodek

Because of some painful life events he went through, Joshua understood what it meant when his professor told him that relationships are the most important aspect of life.

“Lectures, case studies, reading, watching Ted talks that can only get you so far. Ultimately you really have to go through experiences.” Joshua Spodek

Joshua is a strong proponent of learning and growing through our experiences.  It was through his successes and failures that he learned how to lead.

“The path to excellence in complex things is to start with basic and simple things and to work your way up” Joshua Spodek

He shares that if you want to lead people and you don’t know what’s motivating them, you’re going to constantly step on their toes, thwart peoples passions and stifle teamwork.

“Leadership is active, it’s experiential, it’s emotional, it’s expressive, it’s performance-based, it’s social…” Joshua Spodek

Listen, learn and be inspired today as Joshua shares how he overcame his life trials and failures and how you can use your life experiences to accomplish what is on your heart.

What You Will Learn:

  • Lessons you can learn from failures
  • Why experience is the best teacher
  • The value of relationships with other people
  • How to help your team members to show up even if they are vulnerable
  • A very effective self-awareness exercise

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