My main problem with centralized power without accountability

I once read that in the build-up to WWII, people in America were concerned that democracy would hold them back in a conflict with the nations creating strong centralized authorities. They speculated that in a war, while they deliberated, nations with centralized power would win for not having to take time making decisions.
Apparently they were right, but only at the beginning. When the strong central leaders made effective decisions, their nations won.
Things changed when the strong central leaders started making bad decisions when things got out of their depth. The powerful leaders continued making decisions and nobody could stop them until their nations were ruined.
I don’t know how accurately I remember what I read or how accurately what I read portrayed what happened, but that’s how I remember it. I’d love to learn more if anyone has more information.
In any case, this model is one of the reasons I prefer accountability.

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