How to make your next performance review shine

Do you have performance reviews at work? Do you want your next one to look great?
A great way to make that happen is to get your manager or whoever rates you on your side, motivating them to evaluate you more positively.
How do you do that?
First, recognize they benefit from you doing well. The better their reports do, the better they do. Even if you think your manager is out to get you, they still feel this motivation. It already exists. I’ve seen reports on people who tell me their bosses hated them, yet the reports still showed the boss showing some interest in their development. You don’t have to create it. So how do you get them to act on it?
Next time you have a performance review meeting, when you’re talking about next steps or future development, say to your manager

I want to have the best report in the department [or that I’ve had yet] next time, based on your honest evaluation of my performance. What can we do to make that happen?

Notice what this statement and question say. They say you are looking for help from them to guide you to what they consider your best direction, which they will base on their existing motivation for you to look good so they’ll look good. You don’t have to follow it, but at least you’ll get that direction. You’re leading them to lead you more clearly and effectively.
You also involve them in the process of choosing your direction and therefore involve themselves in the process of deciding how to evaluation you, then clarifying it to you.
I recommend then doing the confirmation cycle to make sure you understand them and they feel understood.
Take notes on what you’ve confirmed and email your understanding so you both agree.
Now you have a road map to a great next performance review.

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