The Method: three exercises to transform your life, part 1

You want to improve your life. I’m about to present three great exercises that help — you could say one exercise in three parts. My seminars cover them over the course of the first day, with a fourth follow-up if time permits (which I link to at the end of the third exercise here).
People report finding them deceptively simple for how much they help. They create a structure that makes it easy to understand otherwise complex and emotionally laden parts of your life. They also build cumulatively.
They also start great conversations and form bonds between the people who do the third part together.
They take little effort, though sometimes people will spend a long time on them because they can get you thinking about your life. Normally I separate them by an hour or so, to fit with relevant material. If you read this page regularly, you’ll see how they fit with the Model and Method.

Exercise 1

Near the start of day 1 I point out covering the Model and Method will be general, applying to everyone. To connect otherwise abstract material with their lives, I ask them to list one or two areas in life they want to improve.
So that’s all of exercise 1:

List one or two areas in life you want to improve.

Simple enough, right? Yet some people may never even do that much in life.
I suggest as I talk about improving life in general, to apply those ideas to how you would improve those areas. I also list a couple example areas to help them think of something:

  • Improving public speaking
  • Exercise more
  • Eat more healthily
  • Become more entrepreneurial
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Being more friendly / improving social skills

The next exercise builds on this one.

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