The Method: long-term growth from many transformations

[This post is part of a series on The Method to use The Model — my model for the human emotional system designed for use in leadership, self-awareness, and general purpose professional and personal development — which I find the most effective and valuable foundation for understanding yourself and others and improving your life. If you don’t see a Table of Contents to the left, click here to view the series, where you’ll get more value than reading just this post.]
Yesterday’s post showed how one transformation — that is, one application of the Method — not only cycles you back to start a new transformation, it also changes you, which you can see from another perspective.
You can think of one transformation as one loop of a helix, or upward spiral. Since each transformation increases your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, each time you improve your life, you’ll have more ability and motivation to improve your life again.
So you’ll likely do more transformations, making many loops in this upward spiral, like this one.
Each transformation not only improves your life, but also enables you to improve it yet more the next time. Some changes you can expect in the long term include

  1. A better, more rewarding life
  2. Easier improvement
  3. Bigger transformations
  4. More emotional intelligence
  5. Greater self-awareness
  6. Better social skills
  7. Improved leadership
  8. More genuineness
  9. More authenticity
  10. More being yourself
  11. Greater freedom

You may see changes in other areas, skip some of these, or experience them in different orders. Freedom to be yourself may or may not be your ultimate destination. You may end up being the best father, mother, entrepreneur, actor, or whatever brings you reward.

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