The Method, step 1: know your emotional system

EDIT: I modified how I present the Method slightly. Please see the new version of this page and the updated series on implementing the Method.
Today’s post will be brief. The Method’s first step is always to know your emotional system. Knowing the Model does just that, and my series on the Model gives the overview of it. This familiar diagram summarizes it.
reward environment beliefs emotions behaviorKeep in mind that the Model above is a starting point. Because its purpose includes ease in communicating it I simplified it at the expense of some important detail. I also know everyone is unique, as are their goals, so partly I leave out details so people can customize their Model for themselves. Maybe your Model will be a pentagon or have more arrows between elements.
Please do customize your model for yourself and your goals. I designed mine to illustrate, not dictate. The point is to have a model for your emotional system.
I’ve asked myself what elements, if any, are essential for any model to be effective. I’ve concluded the model has to be at least systematic, meaning consistent, reliable, and predictable, but you may find otherwise.

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