My bold next stages

Emails to great, long-time friends you don’t see that often give you the chance to reflect on longer stages than normal and to put together thoughts more complex than you think daily.
I wrote the following to one such friend, capturing the change my change in focus and direction following my increased confidence in my courses as I’ve seen hundreds of people succeed in them.
Some of it feels over the top, but I believe having bold goals helps you achieve them.
The email:

At long last, I’m switching from developing my material to promoting and selling it. I held back because I felt promoting and selling would distract me from developing more, though I didn’t know if that development had an ending point. Now I’m confident that my leadership, entrepreneurship, and sales (sidchas too, probably) material combined with my active learning pedagogy makes a coherent, comprehensive unit that for a large audience will be the most effective they’ve seen and that I can put my name on and promote. Not just more effective than any alternative, but effective beyond their imagination. I believe it will make history in improving how people build relationships, responsibility, initiative, reward, happiness, etc through a new style, in the pedigree of Stanislavsky or Aristotle.

I don’t know if that sounds like overinflated marketing copy but I just wrote what’s been on my mind lately to answer your question. I believe it. My challenge is how I promote my material, not to become a short-term guru. I’ll start with low-level webinars and seminars. Soon a book. I’m not sure where it will go from there, but more than just one-off classes and books. Something big, in the pedigree of the Actors Studio and the Academy.

I introduced my online leadership course here — My first webinar is tomorrow, which I expect to be amateurish, but in the same way my leadership coaching was when I started with an ad on Craig’s List and my clients now rave about. I don’t know a better way to start than jumping in head first, damn the torpedoes. My student feedback — — gives me confidence.

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