Non-Method methods

People improve their lives in many ways. To give context to the Method, in my next few posts I’ll describe several common non-Method methods you’re familiar with. Then I’ll describe how the Method differs from them and why I believe it improves your life better and is more rewarding to do.
So far I’ve only described the Method broadly: to choose the elements in your emotional cycles you can control voluntarily — your environment, beliefs, and behavior — together to bring about the emotions and emotional reward you want. There is much more to it and upcoming posts will describe it and how to implement it in detail, but this broad level is enough for the comparisons below. They will then clarify the Method when I describe it in detail.
reward environment beliefs emotions behavior
I don’t mean other methods don’t work or won’t work. Just that if they do, the Method will work at least as well and you will enjoy using it more.
Also, to know they would work, you would have to have enough self-awareness that you’d see the solution. If you don’t see a clear, obvious path to improve your life, you probably can’t depend on one of the solutions below.

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