Old person: get with the program

I forget if I wrote about this problem before, but I keep hearing old people acting like they’re praising young people: “I’m so glad young people are organizing. They’ll fix all the problems we created.”

Despicable abdication of responsibility. They could lead or at least speak honestly about declining to act on problems they mostly created.

I’ll translate what they’re saying in to plain language: “Not me, not now. Someone else, some other time.” Their only saving grace is that everyone else is saying it too, at least around the environment.

Why despicable? Because they know they’re talking about people who mostly can’t vote, can’t run for office, own no assets, don’t sit on any boards, don’t write for papers of record, and so on.

Old people do all those things. Suggesting young people act is just waiting for later. Old people can vote, run for office, change company strategies, decide editorial policies, and so on. I hope they’re being more honest with themselves than with others, because how else to view it except that to act like they’re praising people they’re hurting dishonors themselves?


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