Pandemic Fatigue? How to Achieve Pandemic Thriving

I posted on handling what people call pandemic fatigue to Thrive Global today: Pandemic Fatigue? How to Achieve Pandemic Thriving.

Here’s the text of the article:

When I learned I would be locked down indefinitely, knowing we were all heading into unknown territory, I looked for role models.

Who had handled such a situation successfully?

Nelson Mandela had been locked down for twenty-seven years, most of that time on a cold island, breaking rocks, with a bucket for a toilet. He negotiated with presidents of the nation that locked him up and emerged to get their jobs. I could see what was possible under lock down.

While he remained imprisoned, the world celebrated his seventieth birthday with a global celebration. Over six hundred million people participated. For my birthdays not locked down, I haven’t even gotten one million people to attend. I could see what was possible locked down.

Viktor Frankl was locked down in four concentration camps, including Auschwitz, tortured by Nazis in one of the most horrible environments humans have created for others. His book, Man’s Search for Meaning, speaks of the meaning he created for himself. Specifically, he wrote of bliss and love.

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    1. Joshua

      Glad to hear! Most of the time I have to couch my talk about handling the pandemic with pointing out how it destroyed my business and how much I feel for people suffering from it but no one remarks on the millions of people dying from air pollution and other effects humans are causing and could more easily stop. But they want to fly to their mom’s on the other coast and fantasize that they’d die if they couldn’t eat steak.
      Glad to hear you’re thriving, if I read you right.

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