I predict Donald Trump will have a Richard III moment

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

I predict that Donald Trump will, as president, find himself without allies, under attack, and bewildered, lashing out, realizing he’s run out of anything to offer anyone. This will come after he’s surrounded by sycophants, maybe family, abandoned by anyone who could get anything from him.
Without having supported anyone who would help him for reasons other than what he offers and with no way to advance or to offer in a transaction, no one will help him out of empathy or compassion.
I hope the others will act in the interests of the Constitution and the people they represent.
I’m not talking about good, bad, right, wrong, or evil. People disagree on those things. That’s what having different values means. I’m talking about relationships, how people interact with each other, and what I see of how President Trump is interacting with the people around him and those he represents.
Here is Lawrence Olivier playing Richard III just after those lines, in a 50s style of direction and acting:

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  1. moreh2000

    Great analogy and message Josh!

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