The Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activity (SIDCHA) series

I’m so swept up by SIDCHAs I made a series for them. Click here for the SIDCHA series.
Do you want success or failure?
Do you want to lead yourself or to follow others?
Do you want a shot at greatness or mediocrity?
Do you want resilience from feeling bad when things don’t go your way or do you want your emotions to wreak havoc with you when things inevitably don’t go your way?
The Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activity (SIDCHA) is the foundation for success, personal leadership, your shot at greatness, emotional resilience, and more. While a SIDCHA alone may not achieve all those things, it gives you such a strong foundation for them, you’ll probably find yourself achieve them.
I don’t have evidence to show how strongly SIDCHAs correlate with or create success, but you don’t need to know if they work on others. A few days testing will tell you if it works for you, which is what matters to you anyway. That personal testing need not cost any time, money, or any other resource. And I’ll bet anyone that collecting data will show that correlation.
Read all about SIDCHAs by clicking here. And share your SIDCHA experience.

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