My next seminar, January 12 at The Yard in NYC!

My next leadership seminar will be January 12 at The Yard, a premier office space and coworking community designed to support business growth whose environment promotes creativity, collaboration, and connections. Perfect for my seminar!
If you’ve thought about attending one of my seminars, this will be a great chance in a beautiful space, conveniently located. Click here for testimonials.



…so they want you to lead them again.

~ Leadership Workshop ~

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Why you should attend

You’ve ascended to a position of leadership, but how can you ensure that the people you are in charge of will be responsive to your leadership style? In this class, you’ll learn effective ways to motivate people in the context of business leadership. You’ll find out how to tap into your emotional awareness to show empathy, compassion, and understanding to engage people. Plus, you’ll discover how to motivate people in a way they find both rewarding and meaningful.


  • How to prepare yourself before you can lead others
  • What to look for in others and how to know who you can and can’t lead.
  • How to elicit their strongest, most relevant motivations.
  • The importance of humility, empathy, not trying to control, and listening to understand.
  • How to build their motivations into passions.
  • How to keep your teammates motivated.
  • How to find other great leaders .

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