Seminar testimonial: tears of gratitude from leading an employee so they want you to lead them again

An attendee from March’s seminar “How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again”, wrote about her experience using the techniques of the seminar at her job—that is, leading employees so they want you to lead them again. She also has an MBA from Columbia and works at a prestigious firm.

Josh, you may be interested to know I took out an Associate who will be working on my team and used your technique. She teared up, saying, no one ever asked her these questions and she is so grateful that I am taking an approach to her work based on what she likes and wants to do. It also revealed some of her deep fears and it was quite profound.

Invaluable, thank you.

I felt terrific afterward—in that she felt great and also that I felt I could get more out of her. She is also a friend, so I was conscious that she now reports to me… but that really was entirely neutralized in this conversation. Great stuff.

These techniques are simple, they work, they build relationships, and they feel good for you and the people you lead. She applied them in the workplace, but they work with friends, family, and elsewhere too. Contact me if you want to learn them too.

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