Speak Like a Leader podcast features me today

When TEDxNYU invited me to give a TEDx talk with less than two weeks to prepare, I knew a coach would help. I researched and hired John Bates.

The result? Three TEDx talks and counting, plus one invited me back to lead a work group for TED Countdown. Plus I count him as a friend.

John hosts the Speak Like a Leader podcast. I’m his guest today. We talk about leadership today, what happened to civic duty, how do we restore it, how to we handle lockdown, and more.

Looking to improve your or your company’s public speaking?

I recommend John without hesitation for one-on-one coaching. I’ve also attended his corporate training at a major firm you’ve heard of. He captivated and activated them.

To clarify, I have no financial or business relationship with him. I’m just a satisfied customer. I got good service and results beyond my expectations at a fair price.

You can contact him here.

From his page:

Training with John Bates

As a world-renowned Leadership Communication expert, trainer and “Executive Whisperer” John helps great leaders change the world. John is also one of the most prolific and successful TED/TEDx-format speaker coaches in the world. John has spoken on stages across the world, at TED and TEDx events many times and has trained thousands of top leaders in both the TED-Format as well as coaching them in the great leadership tools that mastering the TED format brings to leaders; influence, emotional intelligence, leadership presence, authentic connection, deep vision transference, and much more.

John inspires teams and individuals to greatness by seeing the unique genius in everyone’s talent and by skillfully bringing out the inspiration in everyone’s story. John offers in-person trainings, one-on-one executive coaching, as well as online coaching courses in public speaking, pitching, presenting, leadership and teamwork and anything where success requires communicating with human beings. People say his training is unlike any training they’ve ever experienced before. Based in the neurobiology of communication John’s approach as an Executive Coach, Public Speaking Trainer, TED & TEDx Format Coach is unique, direct, and accessible to all.

John regularly works with C-suite executives and teams, high potential employees, sales teams, management teams and entire organizations like NASA, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and many others to embed in their culture both his unique public speaking tools along with his effective leadership communication principles; allowing them to more successfully lead, influence, sell and manage all while inspiring their employees through great storytelling, leadership presence and an understanding of the neuroscience underlying great communication and leadership.

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