Thank you, attendees and organizers!

I want to thank all the seminar attendees and organizers for a fantastic experience at Saturday’s seminar “How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again.” I had given that seminar several times before, but this was my first with fifty people in a room at capacity. Everyone seemed attentive, genuinely interested, and open to experimenting.
I only know other people’s perspectives what they tell me, but everybody who spoke afterward found the seminar valuable, useful, and engaging. From my perspective, the exercises, simple and brief as they were, gave the most value. That’s generally the case — that people learn the most from exercises — and I put more and more focus into that part of a seminar all the time.
On the organization side, everything went well, the rain and sleet notwithstanding. I owe thanks to everyone who helped, particularly from the Columbia Business School Alumni Club and from NYU-Stern.
(Note to attendees: I’ll post the slides and email you all the link shortly. Things are slow this holiday weekend.)

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