The Method: when to use it

When do I think of when to implement the Method?
In leadership situations: especially when times call for me to motivate or influence others, to negotiate, to listen, to empathize and see things from another person’s perspective. Times like these make self-awareness and knowing how to act on it important.
In personal leadership situations: when times call for me to motivate myself, to understand myself better, and so on. I’ve learned approaching introspection with the structure of the Method more effective than an unstructured or haphazard approach.
When I sense my level of reward below potential: since the feeling of reward (of all different characteristics) indicates how well my life is going, raising reward is among my most important tasks. The Method keeps me from inaction and gives direction for effective action.
When I feel effective: often the best time to improve your life is just after improving it. You just finished applying something that worked. It may work again. You haven’t let inertia set in, so you’re comfortable changing. Or maybe you just came across a new technique or met a mentor. At times like these, using the Method makes your actions more effective than an unstructured approach.
The Method works great on leading others and improving your life. And once you’re good at it you get better. That’s why so many people with awesome lives are so often friendly, outgoing, and social. Whether they use the Method or something similar, techniques that bring one bring the other.

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