How much time did you waste on that project you loved?

People often ask me if I use my physics education today.
You face similar questions from others, I’m sure. You probably ask them of yourself. Nobody’s life follows a straight path from birth to where they are.
I loved the field, but I don’t publish or do physics experiments. I still love the field and can’t believe everyone doesn’t study it more in school. But I teach and coach leadership and entrepreneurship now. Was the six years of graduate school worth it?
I don’t look at the question that way anymore. I don’t find evaluating the past useful. What I find useful is using the past to learn from and guide myself in the present for a better future.
“Given my experience in physics, how will I use it?” is a more helpful question.
Given what you’ve done, whether in your current field or not, how will you use your experience to improve your life?
I believe I see leadership like nobody else and that my insights and skills have the potential to revolutionize the fields of teaching leadership and entrepreneurship. I will bring into the fields what no one else did and make my background indispensable.
Can you look at your life digressions similarly? How will you use them to revolutionize your field, or whatever you want to do?

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