Two thousand posts!

You are reading my two-thousandth blog post. Here’s the list of all of them.
I’ve posted daily since January 2011, plus twice daily around my North Korea trips since that content seemed different.


I write for two main reasons, one related to content, the other to process.
The content reason is that writing helps me develop thoughts and ideas. When I started I thought I’d run out of ideas. Soon after, I found myself coming up with new ideas faster than I could write them. Many readers tell me they find things here they don’t find anywhere else. I try to avoid writing what’s already widespread while delivering valuable, especially actionable, material that helps people grow and learn about themselves and others.
That helps me grow and learn about myself and others, which I consider improving my life.
The process reason is that writing here is my first deliberate Sidcha, and I’ve written at length about the values of Sidchas—things like discipline, dedication, learning, and so on.

The benefits

Beyond the benefits of any self-imposed daily challenging healthy activity, publishers are talking to me about a book, which suggests my writing has improved.
I think the writing quality stems from quality of thinking, which I think comes from practice writing and approaching ideas from different directions.
Online marketers point out that if I put the same effort into marketing and selling something online, I would have made a lot of money. My goal has been to develop something great before trying to sell it. Many people have told me there is greatness in my material and I could sell ebooks of it or something like that.

What’s next?

Over the past year or two, I’ve been able to distill some things I consider ground breaking and great. If all goes well, I plan to release my first online course, on leadership, within a week, my second, on entrepreneurial thinking and behavior, a month or so later, and other courses in time.
I plan to keep posting here too. I expect a book to come out soon. I’m only one part of that process so I can’t say how long it will take.

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