Webinar: How to Make Meaningful Connections, Sunday 1pm EST

After teaching, coaching, studying, and practicing leadership for twenty years, I announced my online leadership course, “Introducing the most effective leadership course available anywhere.”
I’m hosting a series of free webinars on the most actionable, useful, effective, and exciting parts of the course.
My webinars will always deliver exclusive, valuable lessons you can use that day and how to build for the long term.
Attend my fourth webinar, free, this Sunday, March 6, 1pm Eastern Standard Time!
All you need is an internet connection.

How to Make Meaningful Connections

If you want to lead or influence others in business and to have meaningful relationships everywhere in life, you need to create meaningful connections. If you’re like me, you were born shy and awkward.

You can learn to create meaningful connections, even with people you just met, even if you consider yourself shy, introverted, or inexperienced.

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Joshua Spodek speaking at MIT 2015
From the registration page:

What You’ll Learn in The Webinar

The relationship-killing problems with “So what do you do?” and how to avoid them
How people clearly communicate how they want you to lead them, if you know what to look for
A script a beginner can follow to create meaningful connections with anyone
Mistakes you’re almost certainly making (nearly everyone does) and how to avoid them
How to work a room at a networking event so people form a crowd around you
How to enjoy meeting new people
How to improve on what you learn to last a lifetime
Why people hold back their most important facets and how you can make them feel comfortable opening up
It’s free, this Sunday, March 6, 1pm Eastern Standard Time!

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