When someone says “America is losing ground to China or India,” watch your wallet

Politicians tell you America is “losing ground” to other countries all the time. A search on “America is losing ground to China India” returns tons of results, many fear-mongering.
This language comes from a misguided belief that business and trade are zero-sum competitions, that if someone elsewhere gets a deal then you lost it. If you want votes and don’t mind sowing fear, anxiety, and xenophobia, great.
But people succeeding elsewhere doesn’t have to mean you are losing. On the contrary, you could see people succeeding elsewhere as increased opportunity for more business and trade. In other words, people always have problems and I can always help them with them enough for them to pay me for it. Other countries prospering means I can help more people who can pay me more.
Do you prefer living in a prosperous country in a world where all other countries are failing? Do you think your country will grow then?
Or do you prefer living in a prosperous country in a world where everyone else is prosperous too? Yes, they can beat me in competitions sometimes, but if I lose in one area, that doesn’t mean I’ve failed forever.
Believing that others’ success is your failure comes from insecurity. I don’t recommend following insecure people or putting them into positions of leadership or authority.

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