365 days without flying

My Inc. article yesterday “365 days without flying,” began

365 Days Without Flying

Leadership means taking responsibility for my actions and empathy for those affected

It’s so easy to think greenhouse gases come from “other people,” but when I learned that a flight across the country polluted roughly one year of driving, I could no longer tell myself flying wasn’t that big a deal.

So I told myself I would not fly for one year. I returned from my last trip March 23, 2016, so today marks day 365.

Everyone loves travel, so I probably lost most readers who don’t want to sacrifice seeing the Great Barrier Reef before it dies, or acknowledge what’s killing it.

But this article isn’t about deprivation or sacrifice. The opposite, actually. It’s about celebrating life.

It’s about what I discovered when I declined to do something that for hundreds of thousands of years of human existence was impossible until barely over a century ago. Then luxury became taken for granted. Now people feel entitled to it, future generations be damned.

I’m not the first to do this. After deciding, I found others who did it before.

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