How to Lead People So They Want You to Lead Them Again… and help the environment

[Below is the content of my third email announcement of my podcast, which I’m releasing tomorrow. It’s over 12 years in design, based on 3 years of testing the underlying techniques and 1 year making the podcast. I intend for it to change culture, I hope broadly and fast enough.]
Hello all,
It’s my second-to-last email on my podcast launch. I’m enjoying the email dialogs on leadership and the environment arising from my last email, especially the diversity in views. Thank you for emailing and sharing! … I’m happy to answer more.
We were talking about leading people and systemic change so they thank you for it. My podcast shows how in the context of the environment, but you can apply it everywhere.
People love working hard on what they love. Effective leaders connect their passions to the tasks. Want to hear commitment? On Leadership and the Environment, you’ll hear one guest first commit to driving his Jaguar less, then find his life better without it and consider selling it (stay tuned for the outcome).

Think of what improvements you’d find challenging yourself, supported by a global community.

I’m amazed at how much people care and act when you make their task meaningful. It transcends mainstream leadership models.

Another guest neared tears sharing a relevant moment about his father. Several found their challenges give them more time, not less, with their children and family.

Many of us wonder if acting on the environment matters if others don’t change too. You don’t wonder when you act. After their challenges, most of my guests say they wish they’d acted earlier. They change viewing the challenge from sacrifice to joy, even delicious, like I do.
This podcast is about creating that mindset shift leads them to lead themselves and others more effectively — today with individuals, tomorrow around the world.
Isn’t that what you want — to help people reach their goals by reaching yours?

That’s part of what you’ll get from the podcast, which I’ll launch in my next email. Download a few episodes. If you like them, please subscribe, download, and review it. More importantly, please consider committing to a personal challenge based on what you care about in the environment. The site explains how. The interviews reveal that you’ll be glad you did.
See you tomorrow!
P.S. Remember the task you thought of yesterday on the aspect of the environment you care about. You’ll see how to act on it tomorrow.

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