Leadership in garbage we can learn from

I just read that Sweden is separating their trash so effectively, they’re buying garbage from other countries. That is, their reducing-reusing-and-recycling programs work so well, their waste-incineration program is running low. Needless to say, reducing waste reduces pollution more than incinerating garbage, so one program starving the other helps the environment.
According to Phys.org, Europe’s average amount of trash ending up as waste if 38 percent. Sweden’s is 1 percent. I shudder at what the United States’ is. My home country doesn’t lead in this area. It follows. Probably embarrassingly, at least for people who don’t like to pollute the air and water their children breathe and drink.
Since I started composting, my garbage amount decreased a lot. Cutting back on processed food reduces my waste too. Still, I don’t think I’m down to 1 percent, so Sweden’s leadership motivates me.
If a nation of nearly ten million people can average 1 percent — and I assume some people must waste a lot, so far more produce less — what can you do?

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