Video: Integrity means considering the results of your actions on other people

The forecast for the day after tomorrow in New York City, for mid-February, is 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14.5 C)—beyond unseasonably warm, especially after a 72 degree Christmas Eve (!!), followed by the hottest month for the planet recorded relative to normal.
You know the signs we’re beyond the possibility of climate change. We’re in it.
My version of leadership means taking responsibility for your actions and their effects on others—all the effects, not just the ones you want. However much you think pollutions happens mostly from others, not you, you contribute to it. Which means you can change your behavior to reduce how much you pollute. Even if you think you’re only contributing one part in seven billion, you’re responsible for one hundred percent that you caused.
In this video I consider pollution from a personal responsibility perspective. I spoke extemporaneously, so some parts could be smoother, but the general gist is there.

I know most people won’t care. They prefer to make themselves comfortable and not to care about their effects on others.
My experience consistently shows that taking responsibility and holding myself accountable improves my life. I hope you find the same. Abdicating responsibility means in life’s two big options, you choose ice cream and cookies over trying. If that works for you, that’s your business, but it no longer does for me.

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