My keynote and panel at Swedish Food Tech’s Big Meet

Speaking at last years 9th annual Sustainology hosted by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce led to speaking and participating in a panel at this year’s Swedish Food Tech Big Meet.

We originally planned for me to speak and lead a demonstration at the event planned for the spring. We had nearly locked down the sailing plans when the pandemic struck. I loved participating by internet, but would have loved more to sail there in person, cook my famous no-packaging vegan stew for the crowd, and tasted the food from the renowned chefs participating. Soon!

I spoke to Johan, whom you’ll see in the first video below, and we decided to talk about doof. I explain the term in the video. I believe it resonated as several people contacted me afterward.

Kicking off the event at 9:15am in Stockholm meant waking up at 2:45am in New York to speak at 3:15am.

My keynote on doof:

The panel I participated in on food and cities

I also participate in a panel call “Good Food City” moderated by Andre Heinz:

Food is arguably the most important human activity, if that’s the right word, affecting the environment. We all do it.

It can also be our greatest joy and source of community, yet many people see it with horror and confusion. I find distinguishing doof from food clarifies and elevates food. Removing doof from your conception of what you put in your mouth changes everything.

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