My second month with zero kilowatt-hours

I got my second bill with zero kilowatt-hours:

Everyone‘s response includes speculating how it’s easier for me because I’m (take your pick): single, male, in New York, or privileged in some other way. Nobody speculates why it would be harder for me, like I don’t get economies of scale that I would if someone else were involved.

But let’s grant every possible advantage. If you didn’t hear of me doing it and someone asked if you thought someone could draw zero electrical power in his apartment for a month, let alone two, admit it, you’d likely guess it was impossible, or if possible, not by someone still living his regular life.

If you thought it was impossible, some belief led you there. That belief or those beliefs are steering you wrong. Whatever balance you believe you found to justify polluting as much as you do, it was based on incorrect beliefs. Whatever your limits, you can pollute less than you do. You can enjoy sustainability more than you think.

Here was last month’s bill for reference:

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