My third Hidden Why, with Leigh Martinuzzi

The best conversations and podcast episodes come from friends and experienced conversationalists.

Leigh and I have recorded enough together to become friends, though he’s in Australia. Today he released our third conversation on his podcast, the Hidden Why (our past episodes).

We covered environmental leadership and initiative. I recommend listening. Leigh is an expert, experienced interviewer. He plogs too.

His show notes:

Welcome back, Josh. This is my third time having Josh on the podcast. I find him absolutely fascinating and inspired by how well he aligns his life with his values. In this interview, I speak with Josh again about the environment and how he is doing his part to lead change in this domain. Behaviours before belief. We talk about how he has adopted his behaviours to using minimal packing. Now 16 months since he last put out a bad of rubbish. We also talk on his new book and discuss, in a broad view, his process on developing initiative and helping others bring their passions to life. A thoroughly enjoyable conversation. I hope you enjoy!

The episode:

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