People join good projects and leave bad management

Professor, author, and former former Chief People Officer at Pepsi, among other impressive feats,  Michael Feiner said one of the most valuable statements I’ve ever heard about why we choose, like, and don’t like our jobs.

People join good projects and leave bad management.

It’s one of the most valuable lessons I learned in business school. It applies to a remarkable number of situations — nearly every time I’ve heard of someone leaving a position since I first heard Michael say it.
I recommend not just enjoying the statement for its wittiness. You can make it acting by playing with it in your head a few times before considering joining or leaving a team, or for ways to improve your current job.
I searched briefly on the web for the quote but didn’t find it. It’s worth spreading.

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  1. Daniele

    When I was writing a letter applying for a scholarship, I happened to read some of your posts. And it gave me good insights into how to present myself (in a one page letter) and how to discuss the importance of leadership in reference to what I’ve done thus far in life. Well, guess what – I got the scholarship! Definitely, some of the credit goes to the ideas I got after reading some of your posts. Keep going, Josh!

  2. Joshua

    Developing leadership ability leads to more opportunities to exhibit it and be rewarded for it.
    Thank you for the first evidence that reading my blog is profitable 😉

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