Teamwork will elevate us to victory

Can anyone imagine a sports or business team suggesting the way to success is to ignore teamwork and only focus on individual action? Here is what winning as a team looks like. You can imagine how it feels.

When I hear someone say, “one person’s actions don’t matter”, “only governments and corporations can make a difference,” and the like, I want to let them in on how a come-from-behind victory can feel. When everyone on the team delivers for everyone else, not for him- or herself, the each benefits individually.

I’ve been on teams that have won great victories. I’ve been on teams that fell apart and pointed fingers. I’ll take the team victory any day. Everyone contributes, even from the bench, even from the stands.

The most important effect anyone can have is through leading others and teamwork. When you hear of what you can do, I suggest you ask how soon you can start, not complain how much you’ll give up. You aren’t sacrificing anything when you benefit everyone. When you hear what others are doing, I suggest learning from them, backing them up, spreading their message. We’re all on one team. Let’s act like it.

Great teams usually need great leaders. We Americans and other polluters can’t lead anyone we’re polluting more than, except to pollute more, by our actions. When we get out pollution and emissions below the world average, then we can lead them.

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