“The Mandela of the Environment”—profiled in Wildpreneurs

Longtime podcast listeners have heard my struggle that began with seeing leadership as the main missing element on sustainability nobody is acting on, distinguishing leadership from management. In short, I saw no Mandela of the Environment and felt my best option would be to fill in the role—not to act like Mandela exactly, since the situations differ, but to take on a comparable role.

Adopting the mantle seemed a no-win proposition. Failing would lead people to say, “Who did you think you were, anyway? Who tries to become a historical figure like him?” Success would mean likely attack from the world’s most powerful people and industries.

Yet I’m going for it.

Tamara Jacobi and Wildpreneurs

Tamara Jacobi, known as “The Jungle Girl”, is the founder of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge and author of Wildpreneurs, which asks and helps you answer What’s your wild business idea?

The book and her web page profile wildpreneurs. I’m pleased to report her interview and reporting on me today in “The Mandela of the Environment.”

I believe she is the first other person to call me the “Mandela of the Environment” in print. I’m grateful and humbled, though still feel some trepidation. Mostly I feel a purpose, a calling. Tamara increases my accountability, which helps.

About Wildpreneurs

The book‘s description:

Wildpreneurs will launch you from daydreams to action. Inspiring vignettes from the creation of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge entertain your free-spirit and spark your inspiration while brainstorming sessions, visualizations, tips and tricks offer a trail map for your journey.

Interviews with Wildpreneurs globally are woven throughout the book to motivate, illuminate lessons and guide you along. Discover how Wildpreneurs such as digital nomads, adventure guides, ski photographers, tree-house builders, yoga/wellness instructors, nature lovers and diverse free-thinkers have created their dream businesses and lifestyle. Wildpreneurs is designed to empower, inform and offer a practical resource for dreaming AND doing.

Given new global circumstances and the “new normal,” Wildpreneurs is needed now, more than ever. This book is a resource for hope, empowerment and creating healthy change.

I had to filter out how much it positively portrays people whose pollution appears off the charts, but otherwise it delivers. I believe you can apply what it brings you without pollution. I hope you do.

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